Am kierki kurnik

Well, then, said Wilkin, you are to know, good father, that I have had some dealings with my neighbour, Jan Vanwelt, concerning my daughter Rose, and that he has paid me certain gilders on condition I will match her to him. Pshaw, pshaw. my good son, said the disappointed confessor, this gear can lie over-this is no time for marrying am kierki kurnik giving in marriage, when we are all like to be murdered. Nay, but hear me, good father, said the Fleming, for this point of conscience concerns the present case more nearly than you wot of. -You am kierki kurnik know I have no am kierki kurnik to bestow Rose on this same Jan Vanwelt, who is old, and of ill conditions; and I would know of you whether I may, in conscience, refuse him my consent.
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